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Meet Our Yoga Instructors and Massage Therapist

Caitlin Ferris, Yoga Instructor


Caitlin is yoga instructor with a foundation in Ashtanga.  She specializes in the Rocket System, which incorporates strength conditioning and deep stretches throughout the yoga practice.

She welcomes all ages and fitness levels to her class, Thursday at 5:30pm

Caitlin is a RYT 220hr instructor with 20 hours of training in kids’ yoga.

She works as a behavior therapist helping children on the spectrum with behavior disorders.  She’s a graduate of University of Dayton

Natalie Braun, Yoga Instructor


Natalie Braun is certified to teach yoga through Vitality Yoga Studios. She has special training to instruct kids yoga and trauma-sensitive yoga.  Natalie taught art and diversity classes to children for the after-school program Skoolaid.

She’s teaching a Vinyasa yoga class on Saturday morning at our studio. Her passion lies with overall human well-being and helping people of all ages express themselves, through yoga and/or art.

Natalie is from Chagrin Falls, Ohio and has a BFA from Xavier University. She studied art history and culture in France, Canada and Italy. She enjoys playing piano, softball and hula hoop. Natalie works at a graphics production company and is also a freelance artist


Christianne Green, Yoga Instructor


Christianne is a certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and has been practicing various forms of yoga for 18 years. Her classes focus on an element of strength building followed by rejuvenation poses to increase flexibility. 

She welcomes all fitness levels to her Fit Flow yoga class Mondays at 6:30pm. Be ready to bring fun and laughter into the class! 

Christianne is also an artist. She obtained her BFA with a minor in Art History from NSCAD University in Canada.

TriYoga Instructor & Studio Owner


Laure welcomes all ages and fitness levels to her TriYoga classes, Friday at Noon, and Monday & Tuesday nights at 6:30 pm.  

TriYoga is a flowing practice that unites dynamic and sustained postures, breath and focus to create greater flow of energy.

Laure is also a filmmaker, and President of LQ Consulting Video & PR. 

She served four years as a Cincinnati City Council Member, and spent 13 years leading Channel 9's I-Team. 

(Yoga was a lifesaver in those careers!)

Laure is a wife, mother and new "Gigi" to baby Layla.